BUS 415 - MPA - 2-Page memo

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You are the director of human resources for Any town, a typical midsized city in the US. You have just ended a meeting with the city police chief wherein he informs you that managing the department has become little more than an authoritarian hierarchy, which requires strict command and control on procedures and performance. He wants your assistance in developing a recruitment plan to present to the city manager and council members that will allow the police department to increase the number of qualified women and under-represented individuals in the police force. The police chief believes that increasing diversity will allow more creativity in solving community issues and building better relations with the citizens. 

Prepare a two-page memo that will address the issue of building diversity and its effect on creativity within the organization.

The focus is on the benefits of diversity and its impact (if any) on creativity in problem-solving.

You should focus on “thinking outside the box.”

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Solution : MPA - 2-Page memo

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MPA - 2-Page memo
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