BUS 721 - WEEK 5 Leadership Operational Plan, Part III—Leadership Framework Matrix

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Leadership Framework Matrix 

The following matrix includes five key components a Leadership Operational Plan must address. For each, key considerations that must be addressed to develop a leadership framework are included.

Complete the matrix by responding to each consideration. For each, identify relevant theories and concepts. Each must be followed by a reference citation. Explain how the theories and concepts could be applied to the organization. This theoretical framework must support the problem and purpose statements developed in Week Four.


Component Leadership



Relevant Theories and Concepts Application to


Selected Organization

Strategic Role of Leadership What role must leadership play in developing and executing organizational strategies to optimize operations?    
Policies on Ethical     Management Practices



How, in light of the dramatically changed thought in workplaces, do insightful organizational leaders inculcate new intra-organizational policies to take cognizance of ethical managerial practices?    
How do organizations implement these policies without inadvertently patronizing managerial or executive personnel?    
How might personnel who embrace high ethical standards take umbrage at the implication that they need to be force-fed such concepts?    
How do leaders do this for organizations, especially without implying that ethics and ethical behavior is the exclusive preserve of Eurocentric organizations?    
Differences in Global Ethical   Practices How do leaders address issues that force realization that ethical practices may be less or more rigid amongst certain cultures and environments?    
In the event of conflicting national or cultural views on ethical business practices, how do leaders determine which views take precedence?    
Implications of Foreign Corrupt Practices Act



How do leaders address claims asserted by senior expatriates of American multinationals that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is distinctly debilitating of business interests abroad, especially in light of acrimony engendered amongst senior U.S. staff assigned overseas?    
Balancing Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Optimal Operational Practices How do leaders balance ethics and social responsibilities with optimal operational practices with the domestic-inspired, legal restrictions placed on U.S. organizations while they operate overseas?
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