BUS 721 - WEEK 6 Operational Plan, Part IV—Organizational Behavior

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Write 1,050 to 1,750 words, including the following elements:
Analysis of significant behavior issues facing the organization

  • Identification of circumstances affecting human capital facet of the organization’s operations in light of the regularly changing global economy:
  • Radically changing needs and wants of domestic employees, expatriates, and locally hired staff at various overseas sites
  • Issues associated with needs and expectations of host national employees at overseas sites that may be in conflict with the organization’s purpose
  • Issues associated with selection, such as ethnicity, minorities, gender, language, societal realities, and diversity and human relations behaviors practiced at the organization’s headquarters that may differ from overseas sites
  • Integration of concepts, theories, and best practices to develop a list of recommendations to address issues and circumstances
  • Development of a proposed implementation plan to affect organizational changes needed to support operations optimization
  • Discussion of anticipated organizational behavior and operational outcomes achieved through successful implementation

Use peer-reviewed sources in your paper.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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