BUS 732 - WEEK 4 Financial Plan Assignment

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Write a 900- to 1100-word four-part financial overview of the organization used in your cumulative business plan assignment. This overview will include the revenue model, financial highlights, funding requirements/use of funds, and the exit strategy. To support this work you will need to develop your financial statements to be included in the appendix of the business plan. You will find it beneficial to refer to your FIN/711 materials as you develop this portion of their plan. The four financial sub-sections should include:

  1. Revenue Model: As simple as it seems, this section of your business plan gives clarity on how you generate revenues. Do you sell products? Do you sell advertising space? Do you sell by-products like data? Do you sell all of the above?
  2. Financial Highlights: Your full financial model (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement) belong in your Appendix, but in this section you’ll include the highlights. For instance, include your revenues, key expenses, and projected net income for the next five years.
  3. Funding Requirements/Use of Funds: If you are seeking funding for your company detail the amount here and importantly for what you will use the funds.
  4. Exit Strategy: Particularly if you are seeking equity funding, detail your expected exit strategy. The most likely exit strategy is to sell your company to a larger firm. If so, detail the types of firms that might be interested in purchasing you and why. List the specific names of potential acquirers if applicable.

Submit each of the four sub-sections to your instructor by clicking the Assignment Files tab.


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