BUS 732 - WEEK 5 Operations Plan Assignment

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Write a 800- to 1100-word operations plan that will include key operational processes as well as milestones.  The operations plan should include two sections:

  1. Key Operational Processes: Your Key Operational Processes are the daily functions your business must conduct. By completing this section you’ll get great clarity on the organization you hope to build. In this section you will detail these functions. For example will you maintain a Customer Service department? If so what specific role will it fill?
  2. Milestones: In this section of your business plan, list the key milestones you hope to achieve in the future and the target dates for achieving them.  Here is where you set goals for specific and critical undertakings such as when a new product will be created and launched by when you plan to execute new partnerships etc.

Submit the two sections to your instructor by clicking the Assignment Files tab.


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