CJA 305 - WEEK 4 Week Four Worksheet

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Week Four Worksheet

Match the Definitions on the left to the correct Terms on the right by entering the correct corresponding alphabetical letter next to the numbers in the first column. Not all terms will be used.

    Definitions Terms
1.   Engaging in sexual activities for something of value A.    Disorderly conduct


B.    Breach of peace

C.    Loitering

D.    Treason

E.    Perjury

F.    Contempt

G.    Obscenity

H.    Prostitution

I.      Exploitation

J.     Illegal entry into the US

K.    Terrorism

L.     Sedition

M.   Delirium tremens

N.    USA Patriot Act

O.    Unlawful assembly

P.    Confiscation

Q.    Habeas corpus

2.   Specific, purposeful, and unlawful behavior that causes public inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm
3.   An overt act that is an attempt to overthrow the government
4.   Deliberate conduct calculated to obstruct or embarrass a court of law or a judicial officer
5.   Defendant is not a U.S. citizen and is found in or enters the United States
6.   A public offense done by violence, or a disturbance of public order or tranquility
7.   A communication or agreement intended to defame the government or to incite treason
8.   A gathering of three or more people for the purpose of committing an unlawful act or a lawful act in a violent, boisterous, or tumultuous manner
9.   The act of delaying, lingering, or idling about without a lawful reason for being present
10.   A writ used by prisoners to challenge the nature and length of their confinement
11.   Offensive photos, movies, or other works that are often sexual in content that are judge immoral by community standards
12.   A violent act dangerous to human life, intended to intimidate or coerce a government or civilian population, in furtherance of a political or social objective
13.   The willful giving of false testimony under oath in a judicial proceeding
14.   Provides expanded law enforcement authority to assist the federal government’s ability to deter terrorism
  1. How do your state’s laws differentiate between obscenity and lewdness? Include references.
  1. How is prostitution defined in your state? Select a state where prostitution is illegal, if it is legal in your state. What is the punishment for prostitutes in that state? What is the punishment for the clients of prostitutes? What is the punishment for those who hire prostitutes? Include references.
  1. What anti-drug laws include asset forfeiture in your state? Include references.


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