COM 295 - WEEK 1 Communication Process

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Communication Process

Complete the following table.

  • Review the steps of the communication model on in Ch. 2 of Business Communication. See Figure 2.1.
  • Identify one personal or business communication scenario.
  • Describe each step of that communication using your personal or business scenario. Use detailed paragraphs in the boxes provided.
Steps of communication model Personal or business scenario
1.     Sender has an idea.  
2.     Sender encodes the idea in a message.  
3.     Sender produces the message in a medium.  
4.      Sender transmits message through a channel.  
5.     Audience receives the message.  
6.     Audience decodes the message.  
7.     Audience responds to the message.  
8.     Audience provides feedback to the sender.  

Additional Insight

Identify two potential barriers that could occur in your communication scenario and then explain how you would overcome them. Write your answer(s) below.


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