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Topic : Genetically engineering humans

Your proposal will be approved if it meets the general requirements mentioned above.

You will receive full credit for your proposal if the proposal is approved and you include a minimum of 1 philosophical source (both a bibliographic reference and a brief summary [3+ sentence minimum] of it);

You will receive half credit for your proposal if the proposal is approved, but you fail to include an acceptable philosophical source (either you do not include a source and summary, the bibliographic information is incomplete or the source is unacceptable).

If your proposal is not approved initially, you will need to submit a new proposal (when the new proposal due will be stated in my comments on the initial proposal). If the new proposal is submitted by this due date, then it will receive full credit. No grade will be entered for the assignment until your topic approved.

Philosophical references

About the references:

Your sources for all segments of the final paper project must be drawn from academic philosophy sources like journals, anthologies, and books.

Importantno encyclopedia entries will not count towards your references. You need to use original research, rather than summaries of others’ work. For the same reason, textbooks or dictionaries also will not count towards your references.

Furthermore, writings in science journals and popular sources (magazines, newspapers, etc.) will not count towards your references, or websites about philosophy (unless you are accessing a philosophy article from a philosophy journal’s website).

If you are working from journals and if the journal has “philosophy” or “ethics” in the title or subtitle, that is generally a good sign that it is philosophy (there are exceptions to this like The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. This is an excellent science journal). If you have questions, let me know.

You need to rely on well-developed philosophical arguments. For this reason, all sources must be a minimum of 5 print pages long. References shorter than this will not count towards your total.

To ensure that you have a diversity of sources, no more than 1 source can from any particular anthology or issue of a journal (having sources from different issues of the same journal is acceptable).

Lastly, for the proposal, no readings from the course will count towards your total references.

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