EDU381 - Week 5 DQ 2 Making the Models Work for You

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We have examined a wide variety of instructional models that you will have the opportunity to use as future educators. These models become part of your instructional repertoire as an educator. The authors of your text have expressed a desire that they “want educators at all grade levels and in all content areas to believe that the most important thing they have to teach learners is the process of learning” (Estes et al, 2011).

Respond to the following questions:

How do you see the instructional models we have learned about helping you to achieve the goal the authors of your text have expressed? 

Good educators employ a variety of instructional models in their classrooms. Which models seem to be a “good fit” for your personality and teaching style? Which models will be more challenging for you? 

How will you select instructional models to be used with learners in your own classroom? 

How will you ensure that you are meeting the needs of all learners?

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