FIN422 - WEEK 4 Learning Team: Employee Retirement Plan Development

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Read the following scenario:

Several employees in your company have started asking questions about how much they should save in their retirement plan. Since your department has been overwhelmed by the number of questions, your manager asks you to develop an interactive decision support program for employees. Specifically, she wants to make sure the participants understand the probable percentage of replacement income their accounts will yield at retirement.

Applying the information from the plan chosen in Week 2, create an 8- to 10-slide presentation or brochure where you address the following:

  • Integrate various factors and variables needed in calculating an employee’s final account balance and relation to final pay;
  • Hypothesize how you might use the results to consider a possible modification of the plan design;
  • Decide which data you might need from the participants to better assess possible plan strategies;
  • Decide which additional data you might provide to participants;
  • Describe a basic method you would use to assess whether the plan is achieving its intended results, such as enhancing recruitment, ensuring employee satisfaction, and improving overall productivity.

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