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Respond to the following case study:

CALVIN: is a gifted and creative child. His giftedness and creativity are evident in many of his behaviors. For example, he is extraordinarily skilled in his use of language. His vocabulary and use of humor are quite remarkable. Additionally, he has a marvelous imagination that often propels him to distant planets and provides him with encounters with interesting dinosaurs. In addition, his curiosity as evidenced in his questions to parents and others is a sign of his giftedness.

Is Calvin gifted, creative, and talented? If yes, provide a rationale for your answer. If Calvin’s dad were to seek counsel from you as to how to handle Calvin’s “giftedness,” what recommendations would you make? Again, provide some rationale for your answers.

What recommendations would you make to Calvin’s dad if he were enrolled in a parenting class with you and sought your assistance as the class leader? What recommendations might you discuss?

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