HCS 325 - WEEK 2 Organizational Structure Outline Worksheet

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Complete the Organizational Structure Outline worksheet.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Organizational Structure Outline Worksheet


The Organizational Structure Outline assignment is part of a cumulative assignment. You will complete different sections of this worksheet throughout the course and compile research to assist you with the completion of the Week Five Organizational Structure Presentation assignment.


Consider the following scenario:

You are part of the management team of a large rehabilitation center that provides short-term care rehabilitation services on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Your center is proposing a new addition of long-term care services, and with this expansion, you must hire and train several new employees. Your team will be responsible for developing a presentation to inform your selected audience of the proposed expansion and its effect on the organization.


In Week Two, your team will be responsible for selecting an audience and brainstorming on the Week Two key points to assist you with your Week Five Organizational Structure Presentation. Please note your team will be responsible for completing the outline for each key point in the assigned week.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your audience selection and the completed Week Two portion of your outline to your facilitator.

Part A: Determine Your Audience


Your audience selection is due in Week Two.


As a team, identify an audience for your final presentation due in Week Five. Provide a rationale for your audience selection. For example:


  • A board of directors
  • A new management team following an acquisition or a merger


Write a 75- to 150-word summary discussing your targeted audience and a rationale for your selection.


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your audience selection to your facilitator for approval.

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