HCS 341 - WEEK 4 Training and Development PowerPoint Presentation

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Imagine that you are working in HR and have be asked to make a presentation to a group of frontline supervisors.  Your completed Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation should be approximately 8-12 slides in length.  Include a list of references in APA format in the final slide.  Also include a slide with the sources for all images/graphics used in your presentation entitled “Image Credits“.  List each slide where an image is used and the source. For example:

 Image Credits

Slide 1:  http://www.123rf.com

Slide 2:  http://www.canphotostock.com

Please don’t use copyright protected images and photos.


Include the following in your presentation:

  • Explain why training and education are vital in health care.
  • Describe the importance of orientation and onboarding.
  • Discuss the steps in an effective on-the-job training.
  • Explain the importance of measuring competencies.
  • Describe the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness (Kirkpatrick Model).

Include a introduction and conclusion to your presentation.


Include a minimum of three references.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Avoid errors in grammar, usage and spelling.

Grading Criteria

Criteria Exemplary Proficient Needs Improvement Not Evident
Content (4) 4 3 2 to 1 0
Organization (1) 1 .75 .5 0
Mechanics (3) 3 2 1 0
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