HCS 370 - WEEK 1 Introduction to Organizational Behavior

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Imagine you are working for a successful company and have been asked to make a presentation for an entry level organizational behavior course at a local college.

To organize your thoughts for your presentation, complete the Organizational Behavior matrix.

In the matrix:

  • Define organizational behavior.
  • Define the components of organizational behavior.
  • Select 2 companies and write a summary of their mission, values and vision, and other organization practices.

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Organizational Behavior Matrix

Part 1:

Define organizational behavior:

Part 2:

Complete the matrix.

Components of organizational behavior  










Behavior of management



Behavior of employee





Part 3:

Select 2 companies that play a role in the health care industry and review their websites.

Write a 20- to 45-word summary of the mission values and vision and section of your choice for each company. This information can typically be found in the about section of the website.


Company Mission Values and vision Section of your choice


(Example: social responsibility, leadership, compliance, etc.)

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