HCS 446 - WEEK 2 Facility Selection and Research

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Select a facility to use in your final project. You will use this facility in Weeks Three through Five. The following choices represent design options available in SmartDraw® on Toolwire®:

  • Assisted living
  • Birthing center
  • Clinic
  • Doctor’s office
  • Hematology lab
  • Hospital security layout
  • Outpatient clinic
  • Blank design*

Note: If a blank design is selected, students are responsible for emailing their faculty member for approval of theselected facility prior to submitting the assignment.

Research the facility.

Write a 260- to 350-word summary that includes the following:

  • Describe the facility you selected and its purpose in the health care industry.
  • Identify the populations whouse the facilities.
  • Identify key characteristics of the facility.
  • Explain why you have selected this type of facility. 

Cite at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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