HCS 551 - WEEK 3 Healthy Aging

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Read all of the following vignettes. This assignment will use each vignette.

Vignette 1:

Mrs. Davis is 59 and currently living with her husband who is 6 years her junior in Oklahoma. The couple has twin daughters who reside out of state. Mrs. Davis just had her annual physical and was pleased to find out that her hypertension is now controlled due to diet and exercise, but is dissatisfied with the brief discussion about her insomnia. She assumed that she would need less sleep as she gets older, but learned from her physician that this is not the case.

Vignette 2:

Ms. Madrid and her partner are both 63 years old. The couple began dating three months ago. Professionally, they are both elementary school teachers. In her free time, Ms. Madrid is an equestrian competitor at the international level. She enjoys her leisure and met her partner at a gala hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association. They are highly involved in volunteering with this non-profit organization as they both have lost parents due to complications of dementia. Although they are both healthy and active in their early 60s, this couple seeks coaching to maintain their good health.

Vignette 3:

Ms. Mantel is 63. Her partner of 28 years unexpectedly died three months ago. It is noted that Ms. Mantel did not complete the 4th grade, and the household was primary managed by her partner. She is diabetic and insulin dependent. Her grief therapist is worried that her client has put on an additional 15 lbs. to her obese frame. Ms. Mantel is now complaining of increased shortness of breath.

Create a 450- to 800-word brochure for each vignette:

  • Address sleep and aging with Mrs. Davis.
  • Provide education materials for Ms. Madrid and her partner about continuing their wellness plan.
  • Offer the necessary information about weight management and aging for Ms. Mantel.

Include the following in each brochure:

  • Identify the factors that affect the healthy aging of the person in each vignette.
  • Describe the disadvantages to the functional performance of the body.
  • Describe the advantages to the functional performance of the body.
  • Describe the biological changes as the body ages associated with the person in the vignette.
  • Discuss the effects on life span of the person in the vignette.

Create a 260- to 350- word reflection. Include the following:

  • What challenges did you face while creating the brochure for each demographic?
  • What strengths did you draw on while creating the brochure for each demographic?
  • What opportunities could you use while creating the brochure for each demographic?
    • What considerations would health facilities or practices need to think about when marketing to the above demographics and their families and caregivers?

Format your brochure according to APA guidelines.

Cite at least 3 sources.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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