HCS 557 - WEEK 6 Social Policy Presentation – Part 2

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Present your position in 12- to 15-slides using Microsoft® PowerPoint®.

Use the information in your Social Policy Outline – Part 1 presentation to support background information for the team’s side.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Refute the other side: Each side of the Learning Team–supporting side and opposing side–must submit a presentation that refutes the opposing side. Each side must have answers prepared that respond to the opponent’s questions.
  • Consider how current policies affect current and future generations of older adults their families and the professionals serving them.
  • Evaluate strengths weaknesses and trade-offs related to current age-based policy. Consider how those policies affect retirement pensions health care housing social services and intergenerational issues.
  • Closing: A presentation must be submitted that is the final conclusive argument and statement. Take notes during the entire presentation and project so that you may refer to these in the conclusion of your side’s views.

Submit one reference list in APA format for each Learning Team side. Each list must consist of 3 references per person.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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