HCS 588 - WEEK 2 QI Plan Training Manual

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Imagine your supervisor has asked you to develop a training manual for a quality improvement (QI) plan.

Create a four-part training manual that introduces the purpose of a QI plan and its components for new staff members.

Include the following in your training manual:

Part A: QI Plan

  • Identify what a QI plan is and its purpose.
  • Identify the components of a QI plan.
  • Identify the appropriate situation to use a QI plan.

Part B: Data Collection

  • Identify data collection tools.
  • Identify data display, measurement, and reporting tools.
  • Identify improvement methodologies.

Part C: Resources

  • Identify additional resources that can be used when preparing a QI plan.

Part D: Best Practices

  • Identify best practices and strategies for using QI plans.

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