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3 Ps In Practice (8th ed., Chapter 1, page 26)


Media Choices in the Movie Up in the Air


The company profiled in the movie Up in the Air is looking to save costs, and Natalie,

a recent college graduate, has an idea to accomplish this goal: communicate layoff

decisions through videoconferencing technology rather than flying consultants out to

meet with people in person. You are Natalie’s manager (but more reasonable than

Natalie’s manager in the movie), and you want to explain to Natalie why her idea is not

an appropriate medium for telling people the bad news.



1. What criteria will you use to determine the best communication medium for a


2. Why are face-to-face meetings (a rich medium) most commonly used for the layoff


3. What are the downsides of Natalie’s suggestion to use videoconferencing?

4. How will you explain your rationale to Natalie?

5. What medium will you use for your message to Natalie? Consider an email,

a memo, or a face-to-face meeting. Why did you choose this option?



Using the medium you chose in response to the last question above (email, memo,

or face-to-face meeting), prepare your communication to Natalie. Explain to her why

videoconferencing is not a suitable medium for announcing a layoff decision.

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