MGT 330 - MGT 330 WEEK 3 QUIZ (2015)

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  • Which of the following methods constitute on-the-job training methods?
  • Which of the following is NOT a step in the process of employee selection?
  • What is unique about staffing practices at the online shoe company Zappos?
  • Bonuses, contest prizes, and profit sharing are examples of which type of compensation?
  • Benefit packages typically comprise about _______% of an employee’s base pay.
  • Employee inventories and skills inventories are strategies for __________________.
  • The _____________________ requires employers to provide job-protected unpaid leave to an employee who is unable to perform his or her job due to a serious health condition.
  • Retaining employees is important because employee turnover can cost a company __________ a worker’s entire annual salary.
  • Job description involves ___________; job specification involves _____________.
  • Jennifer consults the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to figure out how to define job duties for her store’s Floor Manager position. What job analysis task is Jennifer engaged in?
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