MGT 330 - MGT 330 WEEK 4 QUIZ (2015)

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  1. Martin is well liked by his peers and influences them using his personality, attitude, and behavior. What kind of power does Martin most likely have?
  2. All of the following are examples of formal groups EXCEPT for a
  3. What is a consequence of too much cohesion in a group?
  4. Whenever Paula works in a group, she gives less effort than when she works individually. What term best describes this scenario?
  5. Which of the following is NOT a limitation of a virtual team?
  6. In reflecting on the complementary nature of managing and leading, John Kotter suggested that leadership is about coping with __________ while managing is about coping with __________.
  7. According to the text, the difference between a group and a team
    relies on which of the following ideas?
  8. Of the following goals, which is considered to be the most crucial for leaders who want to succeed at team-building?
  9. At which stage of a group- or team-building process do close relationships develop, giving rise to unity?
  10. What event heralded the onset of behavioral theories of leadership in the United States?
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