POL 201 - POL 201 WEEK 1 QUIZ

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Question 1. The American system of government can be most accurately described as a _________.


Question 2. In 1607, the English monarch King James I granted a charter to which organization to establish a settlement in the Chesapeake region?


Question 3. The Connecticut Plan, also known as the Great Compromise, combined elements of which two other plans during the Constitutional Convention of 1787?


Question 4. What United States document establishes the core principles on which our government is based?


Question 5. The Federalist Papers were intended to


Question 6. The theory of “American Exceptionalism” is rooted in the idea that the United States was founded in opposition to the European feudalistic tradition.


Question 7. True or False: Republicanism prefers small governance units and assumes homogeneity while Liberalism tolerates diversity and is thus heterogeneous.


Question 8. English philosophers Thomas Hobbes and John Locke shared the view that all government arrangements should be based on what principle?

Question 9. Which of these three branches of government was NOT established by the U.S. Constitution?


Question 10. Which of these beliefs is NOT a tenant of modern liberalism?


Question 11. The conservative idea that limitations should be placed on state actions is known as __________.


Question 12. The Three-Fifths Compromise was included in the Constitution to resolve tension between northern states and southern states regarding _________.


Question 13. The Anti-Federalists were concerned that the Constitution did not


Question 14. The Articles of Confederation invested the greatest power in the individual states and left the national government weak and powerless.


Question 15. English philosopher John Locke wrote in his Second Treatise that the individual exists in a hypothetical state of __________.


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