POL 201 - POL 201 WEEK 4 QUIZ

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Question 1.What constitutional amendment guaranteed women the right to vote?


Question 2. How are interest groups are different from political parties?


Question 3. Which Supreme Court decision stated that affirmative action intended to promote greater equality was acceptable public policy, but the use of quotas was not.


Question 4. True or False: The peaceful transfer of power from one government to the next has a long historical legacy and predates the formation of the United States.


Question 5. The 1964 Civil Rights Act:


Question 6. Two-party electoral systems, such as we have today in the United States, tend to be examples of what type of political party model?


Question 7. What is the basic function, or purpose, of elections?


Question 8. Personal freedoms that all Americans enjoy thanks to the Bill of Rights are called:


Question 9. At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th
centuries in the U.S., political “machine bosses:”


Question 10. In the United States, before U.S. citizens are allowed to vote in an election, they must: 


Question 11. True or False: Freedom of speech can be:


Question 12. A multi-candidate Political Action Committee (PAC) may contribute up to how much money to individual campaigns per election?


Question 13. Voters in a closed primary can:


Question 14. Which of these have NOT been recognized as a political party in American history?


Question 15. A private organization cannot deny service to any type of minority group if:


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