SCI 207 - SCI 207 Week 1 Laboratory Introduction to Science

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Introduction to Science. Carefully review the Grading Rubric before beginning the assignment. Before you begin this assignment, watch the “How to Formulate a Hypothesis” video. Then, read “Lab 1: Introduction to Science.” This lab includes several critical thinking activities that focus on the scientific method, lab reporting, and data collection and management. Once you have completed the reading, utilize this information to answer all of the Exercise 1 questions on the Week One Lab Reporting Form. Make sure to complete all of the following items before submission: Read through the introductory material and watch the “How to Formulate a Hypothesis” video. Answer Exercise 1 Questions 1 through 8 in complete sentences on the Week One Lab Reporting Form. Submit the Week One Lab Reporting Form via Waypoint. The document does not need to include a title page or other APA formatting; however, any outside sources utilized in your answers must be referenced in proper APA format as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 

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