SOC 402 - SOC 402 Week 2 Quiz (Latest)

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Question 1. If a boss asks his employees to recommend individuals who are qualified for a job in the company, the employees will typically think of someone who is the same race, ethnicity, and gender. This is an example of __________.


Question 2. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) oversees the unemployment insurance program, and __________.


Question 3. Nils, who comes from a working-class family, accepts a full scholarship at Harvard University, knowing that the networks he makes—known as __________ capital—among his wealthier peers will likely connect him to excellent career opportunities.


Question 4. In 1935, the Federal–State Unemployment Compensation Program was created under the __________ Act.


Question 5. Unemployment benefits are __________.


Question 6. Huong and Kim are undocumented immigrants who work in a Texas warehouse and are paid “off the books.” These women are likely part of a(n) __________ social group.


Question 7. In U.S. racial demographics, which race is also often considered an ethnicity due to shared historical and cultural backgrounds?


Question 8. In-group bias at work can lead to __________.


Question 9. Leyla is a Muslim woman of color and a single mother of three. Due to her multiple minority statuses, work discrimination against Leyla is known as __________.


Question 10. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that employers must __________.

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