SOC 402 - SOC 402 Week 3 Quiz (Latest)

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Question 1. About __________ of the U.S. population 18 and over are veterans.


Question 2. __________ who were born in the United States were not granted citizenship until 1924.


Question 3.Which of the following statements is FALSE?


Question 4. From a(n) __________ theoretical perspective, it follows that more educated workers should make more money than less educated ones for their contributions to society.


Question 5. __________ immigrants came to the United States primarily as political refugees.


Question 6. Russ grew up with the ideals of frugality, workplace loyalty, and a desire for job security. Planning to work for only one or two employers until retirement, Russ is most likely a __________.


Question 7. Which of the following statements about internships is FALSE?


Question 8. What is the author’s advice for millennials who crave feedback from their employer?


Question 9. What is ironic about the expression, “Don’t trust anyone over 30”?


Question 10. The study of how products can be designed for optimal, safe use by people is known as __________.

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