SOC 402 - SOC 402 Week 4 Quiz (Latest)

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Question 1. Single fathers who are primary caregivers represent about __________ of single-parent families.


Question 2. Children raised by same-sex parents __________.


Question 3. What is the result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its relationship to employment?


Question 4. The reward system based entirely on job performance regarding set goals is known as __________ pay.


Question 5. __________ paid family leave law is the oldest and most generous: It allows for a state insurance fund to pay about 55% of the employee’s usual salary for 6 weeks.


Question 6. __________ are five times as likely as the average American to abuse prescription drugs.


Question 7. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, even though they are in a vulnerable occupation, __________ actually report occupational crime about as often as __________.


Question 8. The most measurable impact of mental illness on work performance is __________.


Question 9. Workplace stress, headaches, depression, and eye strain are linked to __________.


Question 10. “Reasonable accommodation” of an employee with mental illness does NOT include __________.

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