soc 402 - SOC 402 Week 5 Quiz (Latest)

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Question 1. Which among the following countries is a “Global South” nation?


Question 2. __________ has been carbon neutral since 2007.


Question 3. Nearly three-quarters of enrollments in the United States’ major welfare programs are from __________.


Question 4. Which organization has a goal of increasing the income of the poorest 40% of every nation’s population?


Question 5. High-skill, onsite jobs and low-skill, low-wage jobs are currently the jobs that __________.


Question 6. The business community’s realization that it is important to establish an organizational code of ethics was a reaction to __________.


Question 7. The 1991 Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Corporations declares that, in order to receive a reduced sentence, an organization guilty of misconduct must be able to prove all of the following EXCEPT __________.


Question 8. Which of the following states has corporate and individual income taxes?


Question 9. What typically must happen for a corporation to take steps to protect its workers and consumers?


Question 10. A corporation’s local taxes help pay for all of the following EXCEPT __________.

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